The city of Winnipeg’s Residential Stats for October 2016 :

These statistics  are solely compiled from boundaires  within the city of Winnipeg area only, to more accurately assess the residential housing momentum over the course of the

The number of Residential detached home sales city-wide totalled 620 sales for this past month of October .  For the same period last year there were 590 sales.   The average sales price for a residential detached home in the city of Winnipeg for October of 2016 was $302,171.00 moving up from the same period last year was $ 290,874.00  This year, homes took an average of 28 days to sell , twice as long as Sept/16 and slightly less than Oct 2015 of 30 days to sell.

The most active price range for residential-detached homes in October 2016 was from $250,000 to $299,999 at 23% of total sales. The lower price range of $200,000 to $249,999 was second busiest at 16%. The highest- price home sale was $1,375,000 and the lowest sale price was $39,000.



Residential semi-attached/side by side market-stats-graphic-oct-residential-attachedsales came in at 27 sales for October, 2016 when compared to  25 for October, 2015. The average sales price for a residential attached home in the city of Winnipeg in the month of October, 2016 was $227,239.00. By comparison to the same period in 2015, the average sale price was $ 245,631.00   Homes in this category took longer with an average of 33 days to sell by comparison to 23 days in Sept/16 and 29 days for the same time last year, Oct 2015.






Condominium sales in the city totalled 110 sales in October and for the same period of 2015  was also 110.    The average sales price for a condo in the city of Winnipeg during the month of October, 2016 was $238,914.00.00. In October, 2015 it was $ 233,661.00. Selling time for the m month of Oct was an average of 47 days to sell in this category in 2016, down from 51 days in Sept/16 and also down from the  55 days in Oct 2015.

30% of condominium sales in October occurred in the $150,000 to $199,999 price range with another 17% happening in the $200,000 to $249,999 range. The highest-price condo sale was $975,000 and the lowest sale price was $88,000.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-29-23-pmbrownleafCheck Eave and gutter and drain extensions now that most of the leaves are down   from the trees. Keeping your gutters clean is very important because if the rain water cannot flow from your gutters naturally it will fall over the edges close to the house foundation. Running water along the walls of your home can cause multiple problems like water build up on walls, seepage and potentially the development of mold.

leaf2-gifCheck the roof of the home/garage/shed to ensure its in good shape and no missing shingles.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-26-43-pmred-leafCheck on the drainage or grading around the perimeter of your house foundation ensuring that rain/snow melt moves away from the foundation rather than towards the structure.
brownleafClean off debris from the air conditioner and put on winter covers.
leaf2-gifEmpty garden pots and planters to prevent freezing/cracking damage.
red-leafConsider protective covering of shrubs/trees and perennial plants.
brownleafCut back tree limbs growing on or over the roof, as well as shrubbery growing against the house, to prevent damage to the home’s exterior.
leaf2-gifEmpty water from fountains and birdbaths.
red-leafCheck on condition of winter gear and supplies like snow shovels and ice scrapers; replace as needed. If you have a snow blower, check on servicing requirements and stock up on fuel.
brownleafPick up a bag of pet- and plant-safe ice melt. Check on the condtion of outdoor paths, stairs and integrity of outdoor railings.
leaf2-gifTurn off outside water taps to prevent lines freezing/bursting in the cold weather, and drain garden hoses.screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-23-12-pm
red-leafCheck exterior of house where pipes and electrical enter, sealing any gaps with outdoor caulking.
brownleafCheck on doors and windows for weatherstrip insulation updates and exterior caulking repair. Repair or replace window screens.

leaf2-gifIf you use a fireplace or wood stove, order firewood. Check on the condition of the chimney, the flu and the seal around the door. Consider a chimney cleaning.
red-leafRestock emergency kits and supplies for the home and vehicle.
brownleafClean and store garden equiptment, lawn mowers and outdoor furnishings.

leaf2-gifCover/store outdoor BBQ.
red-leafChange furnace filter for better inside air quality and consider having the furnace and HVAC inspected. Clean and deodorize the dehumidifier. With dry winter inside air, service or add a humidifier.
brownleafCheck and update batteries for thermostat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
leaf2-gifCheck on the age and condition of the fire extinguishers, with recommedation for replacement if more than several years old.

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